Smile, You’re On What Should Be A Pretty Obvious Candid Camera

Here’s one for the it’s only a matter of time files.

Police are looking for a man who got away with $75 in cash from and did about the same amount of damage to an amusement park photo booth. He shouldn’t be too hard to find, since photo booths have cameras in them. Who knew?

Batavia Police said the man went behind the curtain of a cash-operated photo booth at Funway Amusements, an indoor amusement park, and pried open the cash drawer.
Detective Kevin Bretz said this particular photo booth had built-in security.
”What the person didn’t know was, if you start to tamper with this machine in any way, it takes your picture while you’re sitting there, and we just happened to get pictures of our offender,” Bretz said.

You can see those pictures at the link above, and assuming he hasn’t already been scooped up, contact the appropriate authorities if they look familiar.

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