Ok, Class. How Do You Say I Can’t Speak Spanish In Spanish? You Don’t Know? Don’t Worry, Neither Do I

You may not know it if you judge by most of the things you see here, but I like to think that over all, most human beings are pretty reasonable. Reasonable enough not to…let’s say apply for a job they’re not even remotely qualified to do because it requires a very important skill they don’t […]

How Would You Feel About Paying Me In Advance, Boss

We’ve already determined that stabbing your prospective boss is a poor way to land that dream job, and while we don’t know 100 percent for sure what happened here, I feel pretty confident that stealing his wallet when he leaves the room for a minute is going to work about as well. Takeda is suspected […]

I Have One Just Like That. And That. And That. And…

Pawning stolen goods to make some quick cash is something that’s been done thousands if not millions of times. But as often as it’s been done, as yet nobody’s quite figured out how to make sure that the stuff you’re pawning doesn’t already belong to the owner of your pawn shop of choice. According to […]

In Case You Need Reminding That Corporations And Lobby Groups Have Always Been Horrible Shitbags

Weird Universe dug up this letter from 1977 written by a Robert K. Phillips, who at the time served as Executive Secretary of the United States National Peach Council. The issue at hand was a possible ban on a chemical called DBCP, which had been found to cause sterility in male workers who came in […]

TELUS Announces Internet For Good Program For Low Income Households In Alberta

Rogers has been offering its Connected for Success internet service for low income households for quite some time, and now TELUS has unveiled a similar program for at least some of its customers. EDMONTON, ALBERTA–(Marketwired – Nov. 24, 2016) – TELUS (TSX:T)(NYSE:TU) announced today a new pilot program that will offer low-cost Internet service to […]