Singing Rice-Ipes

If you awoke this morning hoping to hear Johnny Cash and other country stars being impersonated so it sounds like they’re singing songs about the fantastic meals you can make with Minute Rice, well then, today is your lucky day, my friend.

It’s cringeworthy and hilarious as these old marketing records tend to be, but that fella’s Johnny Cash isn’t half bad. In spots I think he probably would have fooled me had I not been clued in.

Here’s a little little seven inch flexidisc, titled “Singing Rice-Ipes”, containing seven songs about all of the wonderful things you can make with rice, featuring Johnny Cash, among others, singing brief ditties in support of Riviana foods (here spelled “Rivianna”), makers of Minute Rice and a number of other rice prodects. This disc came along with an album, released by Columbia Special Products, titled “Nashville Chowdown”, and also came with a list of seven recipes (“Rice-Ipes”), one for each of the dishes described in the seven songs.

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