Put Your Best Foot, Or At Least A Few Inches, Woodward

All that Patrick R. Marsh wanted was something we’ve all wanted at one time or another, I think. To “obtain” a little “courtship” from a lovely young thing on a warm summer day. Nothing wrong with that. No, nothing at all. Nor is there anything wrong with injecting a touch of creativity into your romantic pursuits. Some folks appreciate that. But rare is the bird who will perceive as creative and react appreciatively to your methods consisting of knocking on the door bare ass naked, twig and berries in hand. That’s a problem.

When the 30-year-old female victim answered her door in Woodward Township at about 12:30 p.m., she found a nude Patrick R. Marsh, 59, standing there with his genitals in his hands, according to police. 
Marsh went to the woman’s door in the East Park Drive Apartments complex “in an attempt to obtain courtship,” the Pennsylvania State Police said.

Yes, Woodward Township.

Marsh was charged with indecent exposure. No word on time spent in custody or whether courtship was obtained there.

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