Black Friday Body Count: Quidco Down!

I didn’t know what a Quidco was until right this second, but if you do and haven’t heard yet, it’s currently down due to what is thought to be a Black Friday related server crushing stampede.

Quidco, the cashback site, has gone TITSUP amid a push to encourage British consumers to engage in the US-imported Black Friday sales fest.
The business operates by transferring third-party commissions (gained via its affiliate network) which retailers pay to referrers, on to its own members while taking a cut itself.
But very little seems to be happening on Quidco in recent hours with an unspecified issue taking the website down – on the busiest sales day of the year for retailers.

The homepage at Quidco currently claims that the site is undergoing maintenance and a message to visitors explains: “We are updating the site at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience, service should be restored shortly.”

Be careful what you wish for, guys.

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