I Have One Just Like That. And That. And That. And…

Pawning stolen goods to make some quick cash is something that’s been done thousands if not millions of times. But as often as it’s been done, as yet nobody’s quite figured out how to make sure that the stuff you’re pawning doesn’t already belong to the owner of your pawn shop of choice.

According to a report from Clarksville Police, Jeremy Allen Watts, 30, and Jessica Faye Heady, 24, visited the Cash America Pawn shop on Riverside Drive with several items to pawn.
The pawn shop owner and victim, Edward Dial, recognized the items and went home, the report said.
There, he noticed that someone had broken into his residence and taken several items, the report said.
According to the report, Watts and Heady tried to pawn two PlayStation video game system, controllers, video games and DVDs. The property was valued at more than $1,000.

Both were charged with aggravated burglary and held on $50000 bond, which may mean they’ll have time to sit around and finally solve that puzzle.

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