TNA Will Never Die, It’s Ok That Charlotte Won And Other Wrestling Thoughts

Like I say basically every time, been a while since I’ve done one of these wrestling things. The usual reasons apply, but today I feel like it for reasons I don’t fully understand, so let’s go. 1. Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks was the best match at the WWE Hell in a Cell PPV. I don’t […]

Hey There, Doll Face. How Would You Like To Come Back To My Place?

Believe it or not, I can come up with a few reasons why one might walk into a lingerie store empty handed and walk out with a display mannequin. Maybe you work for the mannequin company and the store people asked you to take it. Maybe it’s someone’s idea of a harmless prank. Or maybe […]

Facebook Live, Brains Not So Much What you’re watching here is a fucking retard (his words, not mine) named John Pinney finding a new and inventive technological way to spend some time in jail. To be more specific, it’s an edited down version of Pinney using a police officer’s iPad to stream himself on Facebook Live being chased as he […]

Insert Cockpit Joke Here

British Airways has suspended one of its pilots while it investigates several photos that appear to show said pilot working the wrong set of instruments. The photos, allegedly showing Colin Glover wearing stockings while performing a sex act on himself in the cockpit, have led British Airways to temporarily relieve the experienced pilot of his duties, the […]