We Wish You A Maily Christmas

Here is the story of Juanita┬áRodenhiser , a very sweet, well-intentioned mom who’s trying to bring her daughter some happiness. Believe me, I completely understand that goal. But the thing is she has not heard the stories of the others who have preceded her into the “another postcard” category in which she now finds herself. […]

If Only He’d Owned A TV, He Would Have Known It Was Shop With A Cop Day

So it appears we have a brand new episode of shoplift with a cop. I still cannot believe this happens this much. I guess James Walsh was feeling brave. He had been out to this Walmart the day before and had successfully stolen a TV, so he thought he needed another one, a big one. […]

It’s Ok, Officer. I’m Just On My Way Home From A Swingers Party

Maybe it has something to do with me not driving, but it never fails to amaze me when something like this happens and the person just keeps right on going like it’s no big thing. Police were called to the Logan intersection of Victoria Street and Station Road early on Saturday morning after locals had […]

Swipe Right, Swipe Some Money, What’s The Difference?

Going on a date with someone and then robbing that person has definitely been done before. I think we’ve even covered a few of those cases through the years, but the details escape me and I don’t feel like spending my Christmas Eve trying to figure out where on the damn website they live. But […]