Do These Pants Make Me Look Drunk?

I’m glad the Vermont state police have a shred of a reasonable explanation for why Allen R. Johnson Sr. may have thought it a good idea to get up and slip on a fresh pair of pants whilst driving his big rig down the highway one morning not long ago, because it means that at least someone does.

What is their explanation, you ask. It’s what you probably think it is…he was hammered and that’s what one does sometimes.

Police say 62-year-old Meriden, Connecticut, resident Allen R. Johnson Sr. had a blood alcohol level of 0.21 percent, five times the legal limit for operating a commercial motor vehicle on a public highway.
The truck rolled onto its side on Interstate 89 in Williston on Wednesday morning.
Police say Johnson was standing up between the front cab seats trying to change his pants while driving.

He was charged with driving under the influence and negligent operation, which I assume means of the vehicle and not the pants. He was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital.

I hope someone reports on the court date if there is one, because I’d love to hear Johnson’s thought process should one exist.

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