Myths About Blindness, With A Special Emphasis On The One Where We All Want Full Vision Right Now

I wasn’t going to post this because most of it is stuff we’ve gone over here sometimes more than once, but then it got to the last one. We’ve probably covered it too, but since it never fails to blow people’s minds and turn them inside out, there’s no harm in repeating it.

No, Carin and I wouldn’t want our site back if we could have it. Not just because you can’t give someone something back if that thing never existed, though it’s surprising how many times we need to point that out since people often approach that question as if we’re longing for the good old days when we had all the high definition vision we could handle and then some and its mysterious disappearance is the only problem. The real issue is that we’re nearing our 40s and we’re pretty well adjusted to life as it is at this point. Neither of us has a great desire to go back to preschool in order to learn an entirely foreign system of reading, writing, colours, socialization and hundreds of other things that most folks don’t even think about, nor do we want to physically rewire our brains so they can process it all while simultaneously trying to live normal lives.

Not only that, but there’s no guarantee that it would even work. Neither of us is in any hurry to go through a complex, possibly painful operation just to maybe get a sliver of hardly useful vision. I understand why people think so, but if you’ve never had it, a wee bit of crappy eyesight is not better than no eyesight at all. It would actually make things worse because things that were going to be difficult anyway would now be that much harder.

Not every blind person is going to think this way. We all have our own opinions and for some of us it can be a bit of a touchy subject. But the video, as much as it can in a few seconds, does a decent job of nailing our thoughts on it. The bottom line is that though our lives may not always be perfect, neither are yours. But for the most part we’re all happy, so why risk everything to fit into someone else’s ideal when ours works just fine?

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