If Only He’d Owned A TV, He Would Have Known It Was Shop With A Cop Day

So it appears we have a brand new episode of shoplift with a cop. I still cannot believe this happens this much.

I guess James Walsh was feeling brave. He had been out to this Walmart the day before and had successfully stolen a TV, so he thought he needed another one, a big one. But this particular day was “Shop with a Cop day.” But for some reason, he still thought he had a good chance. Because this story is here, I think we know he didn’t.

After loitering around an exit with the 58-inch TV in his cart for a while, he kind of caught the attention of folks who keep an eye out for that sort of thing. Come to think of it, he probably caught their eye anyway because they might have had a pretty good idea who had stolen the TV the day before, even if they didn’t catch him. For some reason that escapes me, he decided to run back into the cop-filled store to run out through another exit…which didn’t work. Then he told them about the stolen TV from the day before.

Well I guess that Walmart doesn’t have to wonder where the TV from the day before went.

Because this keeps happening, maybe they should use these “Shop with a Cop” days as bait to catch shoplifters…or maybe that would only work in Florida.

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