The Case Of The Cursing Hatchimals

I wish the headline on this article hadn’t given away what I was supposed to be listening for, because I think it has me hearing something that may not be as clear as it would have sounded otherwise.

Below you’ll find two videos from two different customers who claim that the Hatchimals they bought are sleepcursing them. Do you hear what they hear? I think you might be able to make a case for it, but it’s iffy enough that it’s almost certainly not intentional and again, the story I linked gives it away right out of the gate which I’m not doing so as not to taint your opinion the way mine was.

Nick Galego, a father in Canada, shared a video on Christmas of his son’s Hatchimal possibly saying “fuck me.”

The phrase is hard to make out — and certainly sounds quiiiite a bit like a sigh, followed by the word “me” — but Galego is “pretty sure” of what he heard.
“I’m pretty sure it says ‘fuck me,’” Galego told CTV Vancouver Island.
His wife, Sarah Galego, also said she heard it. Still, they plan on keeping their son’s beloved toy because he hasn’t noticed the alleged dirty phrase.
“If he was a little bit older we might be more offended about it,” she said.

A spokesperson for Spin Master, the company responsible for unleashing these things, says that they’re not swearing out of the box, but communicating in their own language of noises, snores and shivers. Of course that’s what a spokesperson for Spin Master would say, but I think she’s telling the truth especially because she went on to admit that it’s not impossible to make them swear if you want to by using the learn to talk feature that allows you to record sounds and have your hatchimal repeat them at random. So yes, I know what you’re all doing when you’re done here.

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