They Don’t Teach Bank Robbery In Rehab, It Turns Out

Let’s start with the good news.

Jamal Goodwin was able to sign himself out of drug and alcohol rehab. Possibly to celebrate, he decided hey, why not rob a bank? So he did, and managed to make off with a shade over $5,000 while also pulling off a successful taxi getaway. Not too shabby for a day’s work.

But now, the bad news.

When he left the cab, he did so without a few important things.

  • A bag with more than half the money in it.
  • His wallet, complete with driver’s license and ID.
  • A couple of sweatshirts that a teller said looked like what he was wearing when he held up the bank.
  • And perhaps most importantly,

  • His rehab facility discharge papers, which just so happened to have a chunk missing. A chunk the same size and shape as the note he handed over during the robbery.

When police arrested him, they found him with cocaine, heroin and about $1,000 of the bank’s money. May have jumped the gun a little on finishing up the rehab, friend.

He was charged with robbery and theft, plus what are only described as “related charges.”

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