Someone Tries To Make Sense Out Of The Donald Trump Press Conference. Good Luck, Dude So…that Trump press conference yesterday sure was something, eh? I don’t know *what* it was, but I feel reasonably safe calling it *something*. These next four years are going to be…holy christ how did this happen? Can someone be impeached before he officially takes office? Pretty sure the answer is no, which made sense […]

I’m Starting To Like Braun Strowman, Some People Need To Shut Up, The Rumble Could Be Fun And A Few Other Wrestling Things

I have nothing to say to start out, so let’s just get right into it. 1. You had no issue with the Bayley/Goldust angle/tribute to Dusty Rhodes on Raw. Not at all. It was heels getting heat, which is and should always be their job, no matter how many moms complain about the big meanies […]

Hail Mary, Full Of…Uh, Guys? Is She Supposed To Be Full Of Those Things?

These songs, as you may have noticed, are just a tiny bit different. But while this observation did not get bye you, the same cannot be said for the person responsible for printing up the lyric sheets for this year’s Catholic Joy to the World Festival. A Christmas carol service in the Sri Lankan capital […]

A Motown Tribute To Nickelback

This is from an actual album that you can actually buy from the Postmodern Jukebox folks, who we’ve featured here before. The brainchild of NYC pianist/arranger Scott Bradlee, A Motown Tribute to Nickelback offers an alternative take on Nickelback’s recorded legacy by painstakingly converting the Canadian modern rock band’s entire oeuvre into authentic Motown styles […]