Happy National Your Jumpy Ass Just Got Popped For Drugs Day

Dear Nameless Criminal: Next time the police see you holding a popcorn maker box and playfully wish you a happy National Popcorn Day, try playing it cool. Chances are it would work out much better than the alternative. A man was spotted beside the street holding a popcorn maker box by officers on patrol.  They […]

Have Your Say On A Newly-Forming Canadians With Disabilities Act, And Do It Soon!

I meant to write this, and do this, a while ago, but well…better late than never. The federal government is trying to build a Canadians with Disabilities Act similar to the ADA I think. They want our input. Because I’m lame, I’m only putting this up a week before the public consultation period closes. So, […]

When I Say “Grandpa”, You Say “Bot”

I love technology, but I don’t like the idea of using it as a cure for loneliness. But a lot of people are getting this idea, and designing gadgets for people who spend too much time alone, like seniors and young single people, but especially seniors. First up is Hasbro’s companion robot golden retriever. They […]