I’m Either Extremely Shortsighted Or I’ve Just Found One Of The Dumbest Blind Person Helping Apps In History

Based on some of the devices and apps that folks create for us, there must be a lot I don’t know about blind people. the latest example of this is my ignorance as to why exactly this would be necessary for one of us who is over the age of about five.

DayNight is designed to help the blind and visually impaired with day and night awareness by scheduling notifications at sunrise and sunset.

Simply navigate through the setup steps so DayNight knows your location and has access to send you notifications. Once complete 1 month of notifications will be scheduled and can be disabled anytime within the app.

Alright, so maybe if a kidnapper has you locked in a windowless room deep underground and has forgotten to take your cell phone it might come in handy eventually assuming you can get reception down there, but otherwise just go to school long enough to learn the differences between morning and evening, keep to a decent schedule, check a clock sometimes and every now and then go outside or at least stand near a window. Even if you can’t see it with your eyes, the sun feels warm on all of you when it shines. Good lord.

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