I’d Like To Propose A Toasted

I don’t know what Amanda Willis was arrested eight times for, but I imagine her now former best friend Jennifer Butler does, which makes me wonder how short Mrs. Butler was on maid of honour candidates especially based on arrest number nine.

“She was a mess. She drank almost a whole entire bottle of Fireball,” said guest Robert Templeton.
“She was drunk within 20 minutes to half an hour,” said Jennifer Butler.
Willis started asking people for their keys, according to those in attendance.
“She just went up to the best man and grabbed his keys out of his pocket and jumped in his car,” said Templeton.
Willis backed out and almost hit the best man – David’s brother Brian. He grabbed on to the car and held on.

“She took off, and his feet were dragging across the ground. He had to hit the E-brake,” said Templeton.
Guests wrestled Willis out of the car.
“She went back inside. She grabbed up the big bottle of Captain Morgan and just guzzled it like this,” said Jennifer Butler.
Then they say she got violent.
“As soon as I turned around, she came up and cracked me upside of the face,” said Templeton.
He said he swung back before he knew what was happening, and the deputies were called.
“It was insane. Absolutely insane,” said Jena Templeton.

Things didn’t get much better once police arrived. Willis told them that she was having an asthma attack, then started shaking like she was having some sort of seizure. She was taken to a local hospital where she proceeded to expose herself to some deputies, assault a couple of medics and kick over her bed pan. How they finally managed to calm her down wasn’t reported, which is disappointing. Not sure about the rest of you, but I’ve been in a few situations where that sort of info might have been handy.

She was charged with larceny, battery, grand theft of a motor vehicle and violation of probation.

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