GM Just Launched A Car Sharing Service In Kitchener Waterloo

I won’t be using this on a regular basis myself since the world still hasn’t come around to the idea of giving driver’s licenses to blind people, but I can absolutely imagine giving it a go when we have far away visitors who can drive but don’t have a car or can’t bring it with […]

The Trump Incident: Far More Worrisome Than The Sweden Incident

This post would have a perfect soundtrack if only it was available in a form I could embed. But since it’s not, go here and listen. It says it’s playable somewhere there, I couldn’t get it to play…but you could always go buy it. You can see by the lyrics why it fits so perfectly…except […]

Today In Whatever You Say, Buddy: It’s Possible To Kiss A Kid By Accident Three Times. I Know Because I Did It

I’ve heard a lot of terrible excuses for things, and this one’s definitely way up there on that list. Former Houston substitute teacher Pete Garcia Hernandez, 49, has been charged with three counts of indecency with a child, which is why he is former Houston substitute teacher Pete Garcia Hernandez and not current Houston substitute […]

I Had No Idea That All This Stuff Was On Spotify

I’m a big Spotify fan, though sometimes I don’t use it as much as I’d like. It’s already more than worth the subscription price based on the huge selection of music and comedy, but it just got a little better now that I’ve discovered that you can also use it to stream classic novels, short […]

If The News And Social Media Are Driving You Bonkers, Maybe Some Of This’ll Help

The news is terrifying. What a shitty place the world is. I’m afraid to go online or turn on the TV. I can’t take it anymore. I’m hearing these things more and more from people lately and with every mass shooting, bombing, racist incident, protest, Brexit and whatever the fuck is going on in the […]

A Scientist Discovered A New Moth Species And Named It After Donald Trump

Pretty sure this is the most pleasant piece of Trump related news I’ve seen since he won the damn election. I doubt I’ll see a better one until the day he’s impeached. The new species was initially discovered through dissection of Gnorimoschemini material borrowed from the Bohart Museum of Entomology, University of California, Davis (UCBME). […]

The Rolling Stones Did A Rice Krispies Commercial In The 1960s

I know bands do commercials all the time, but the fact that the Rolling Stones wrote a 26 second song about Rice Krispies in 1964 is still strange to me for some reason. It’s not bad. In fact I’d go as far as to say it’s probably the best thing about Rice Krispies, the most […]

Suddenly Those Perfume People Don’t Seem So Bad

As if shopping at Walmart could get any more unpleasant. In early-November, a Walmart shopper told police that a “creepy” man lingered near her in the store’s makeup aisle. After the man passed behind her, the shopper “felt something wet on her foot and lower back.” The woman then went to the bathroom “and tried […]