Leah McLaren Gets A Week In Time Out

The Toronto Star reports that Leah McLaren has been given a week off to think about what she’s done, one during which she’ll hopefully find better ways to occupy her time than providing unsolicited snackeroos to the world’s unsuspecting infants. The Globe and Mail has suspended marquee columnist Leah McLaren for a week. A source […]

When We Catch Him, We’ll Grill Him. Hopefully He’ll Tell Us The Tooth

Police in Minnesota are looking for a group of six or seven people in possession of several hundred dollars that doesn’t belong to them and possibly one brain between them that might, if we’re being extremely generous. When police arrived, the Eastside Grillz employee told police he had a valuable piece of evidence — he […]

The Musings Of Donald Trump Get The Emo Treatment They Deserve

Ok, the internet can stop for the day. Now that Donald Trump’s tweets and excerpts from his speeches have been turned into emo songs, we won’t be needing anything else for a while. Tweets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CopDK_jI6DI Speeches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCAbBnWm4LM That one absolutely nails the Dashboard Confessional Best Deceptions vibe. I actually really like that song, to the […]

Every Rule Has An Exception, The Breastfeeding Is A Wonderful Thing Edition

I’m a guy. For obvious reasons, I will never breastfeed a baby. Some may argue that this fact should disqualify me from talking about or judging anyone who might one day do so on the subject at all. But I know when something sounds creepy and weird, and this, this sounds creepy and weird. The […]