Our Long Nightmare Is Over. Chris Berman Will No Longer Be Calling Home Run Derbies

Many years ago I said my piece about Chris Berman ruining the damn Home Run Derby every year, so needless to say I’m a pretty happy fella having just seen this news.

ESPN announced on Thursday that on-air personality Chris Berman will assume a new position for the company after the NFL season. He will make on-air appearances and serve in public-facing roles on ESPN’s behalf.
As a result, Berman will no longer be involved with ESPN’s NFL coverage in-studio, the NFL draft, as well as the Home Run Derby.

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  1. So I guess we can say he’s gone! Hopefully never to come back back back back? Ok that was lame.

    1. Not lame at all. Had I not been headached off the planet yesterday and had I not simply linked to my old post in which my feelings were made very clear, chances are I’d have said something similar.

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