You Just Sang What?

I mishear a lot of lyrics, or at least I used to. Now, before I embarrass myself, if I’m not sure of a lyric, I’ll cheat and google it.

So that’s why this little clip of Peter Kay massacring lyrics makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

There are a few in here that I won’t be able to hear properly again, even though I know what they’re supposed to say. It’s kind of like when I was listening to an episode of Vinyl Tap full of misheard lyrics and someone thought Michelle by the Beatles said “Michelle, ma belle, Sunday monkey bum play piano song, play piano song.”

Or in “Help Me Rhonda”, I now hear “Since she put me down, there’s an owl droolin’ in my head.” although not as clearly as I did the first time I heard it.

A lot of these are good, but I don’t know about the Shania Twain one.

Good luck unhearing these, mwa ha ha ha ha!

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  1. […] on a lighter note, I thought of a couple more misheard lyrics that are much better than the owls. I wish I could find the actual clip, but there was a comedian who had some interesting misheard […]

  2. Shania is by far the iffiest one in that bunch, but I leaned in real close and could kind of maybe hear it. It’s one of those times when I wish YouTube was easier to rewind with a screenreader. The rest of them are pretty spot on.

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