Grease Is The Word. It Worked Better Than Stop, Anyway

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of strange reasons for people to attack one another. Somehow, unless I’m forgetting something, musical instruments haven’t featured nearly as prominently on that list as you’d think. But feature they do today, and you know what? Unless this fellow is a master of his art, I totally understand. […]

A Real Uber Driver Will Never Try To Negotiate A Price Or Ask You for Cash

Normally when one of us writes about a scam, we’re doing it because we want to either laugh at an incompetent one or at the people who fall for an obvious one. But right now I’m going to be completely serious because I know that even as popular as it is, there are a lot […]

They Could Have Saved Themselves A Whole Lot Of Words By Just Writing Fore!

So this is one of the weirder recall notices I think I’ve ever seen. I have nothing more to add. Seriously, once you read the first sentence, nothing else in the world will matter. You’ll just be sitting here like I am, laughing and wondering what the fuck was going on at this factory. McCain […]