Another News Report About The CNIB Guide Dog Program

Last Sunday, I wrote about The CNIB’s new guide dog program, with considerable scepticism. Yesterday, I was sent a link to another news report about it, and it didn’t really allay my fears much.

I’m comforted to know that they seem to have put some thought into the breeding of the dogs, but the CNIB representative clearly says that they want to take care of the food and vet bills for the guide dog’s life from puppyhood to retirement. Not even GDB, who has generous donations, does that. I’m worried about whether, in that case, they can dictate what food the dogs have to eat, and what care they do or don’t receive…and I’m worried about where they think that kind of money will come from.

Maybe they could do some good in the advocacy department, and even that’s a maybe if they decide to spread the wrong message, but I wish they would just stick to that, rather than opening a school.

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  1. I’m with you. Still skeptical.

    Good dog food isn’t exactly cheap, as I’ve come to learn living with you and dogs for all these years. But you know what is cheap? Garbage food. What sort of allowance are they going to offer? Will it be enough for you to get something good if you even have that choice rather than being sent a big bag of sponsored grub each month?

    Speaking of sponsorships, did you catch the bit near the end where Gary or whatever his name is says that they’re going to be selling naming rights? I think I’ve heard of other schools doing that, but I worry that when an organization that really doesn’t have much money gets hold of it that it could get out of hand quickly. Just wait until you’re walking down the street one day and from behind you you hear “Scotiabank Momentum Account, forward!”

    And then there’s the part where they’re only covering costs until retirement. What happens when the dog retires and suddenly a person who has no idea the financial burden it can be is suddenly cut loose? Or is that another choice that could be taken out of the handler’s hands entirely? I worry that with this much support could come so many attached strings.

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