Does Anyone Remember Reo’s Roundup?

I’ve watched a lot of wrestling in my lifetime. I’ve forgotten the details of quite a bit of it especially in more recent times since there’s just so damn much content thrown at you so quickly now compared to the old days, but generally speaking I have quite a good memory for the stuff.

But that said, what in the hell is this?

Ok, so I know what it is. It’s Bruce Prichard doing a poor Dusty Rhodes impression, calling himself Reo Rogers and pretending to go to Calgary to visit a fake Stu and Helen Hart with Shawn Michaels before the Survivor Series in 1993. But what the hell is it? I have literally no memory whatsoever of this segment, of Reo Rogers or Reo’s Roundup.

Perhaps I repressed the memory because let’s face it, the thing is pretty fucking embarrassingly bad. But that’s precisely why I should remember it, especially since it doesn’t appear to have been a one time thing on a week I missed.

How did poor Shawn Michaels keep getting stuck on these things? Maybe it was his punishment for not dropping titles.

Did we not get this in Canada? I can’t speak for the entire country, but where I lived at the time we got pretty much all of our televised wrestling on either CHCH Hamilton or CFPL London, and those shows were often edited slightly differently from the American versions or created entirely for international markets. Was the WWF nice enough to leave these segments off? And considering some of the stuff they left in, if they did cut them, why?

Somebody please help me get to the bottom of this.

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