Thank You for Flying Piggy Bank Airlines

Why is it that right before you’re about to do something, you almost always hear a ridiculous and/or dangerous story about that thing? The example that always comes to mind for me is years ago when I had to have surgery on my arm. I’m sitting in the living room watching TV with my family two nights before the big day when on comes a commercial for the nightly news. the lead story? The growing problem of patients waking up during surgeries. Seriously.

And now, in honour of Carin who is at this very moment in the air on her way to a conference, comes word of a crazy old Chinese lady chucking coins into a jet engine for good luck. Luck? Sure. Good? Not so much, methinks.

A flight in China was delayed for five hours after an elderly passenger threw coins into the aircraft’s engine for good luck.
The 80-year-old passenger, surnamed Qiu, was boarding the China Southern Airlines flight from Shanghai to Guangzhou with her family when she stopped to make the ‘blessings’. 
Then she threw nine coins at the aircraft’s engine turbine. Concerned fellow passengers alerted airline staff.

Eight of the coins missed, but during the five hour delay required to evacuate the 150 passengers and fully inspect the plane again, one was found inside the engine. Yes, it was found, so maybe there’s something to this good luck thing after all. But even so, don’t do that, everyone.

The woman was detained, but no charges were noted.

Safe travels, Carin.

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  1. Yea. The other flight was uneventful. The only event was I came off the plane looking like a zombie and talking in absolute jibberish. No, my room keys weren’t talking, the guards manning the elevators weren’t talking. And I’ll put the stuff in the thing was the most sensible sentence I managed.

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