Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just Gonna Cruise On Home

In case you were wondering (god I hope you’re not), there are no good times to steal a police cruiser. There are only bad times and worse times, And one of the worst times of all is when the cruiser on which you have your eye is sitting in the parking lot of its police station with an officer inside of it.

It happened about 5 a.m. on July 17 as Officer Robie Troutman was in his patrol vehicle at the main police station writing a report, according to his report.
“While in my vehicle, I heard the rear passenger side door handle make noise and then the front passenger side door handle make noise, where I was positioned seated in the driver seat of my clearly marked Fort Pierce Police Department Patrol vehicle,” the report said.

Troutman opened his door and reported seeing a man later identified as Aaron Orlando Rodriguez III run away and hide behind another vehicle.

When he was arrested which didn’t take long because it’s amazing how quickly the cops can get to you when you come to them first, he was found to be carrying two cell phones, a portable speaker, $20 and the best chance we have of explaining any of this, a pipe containing marijuana residue.

When questioned, Rodriguez told officers that he tried to take the vehicle because it was running and he wanted a ride home.

Should have dropped that 20 bucks on a cab, dude.

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