Wild Orchard Restaurant

Gill is back, and she comes bearing food recommendations!

If you’ve ever wanted good Portuguese food, but simply can’t afford the flight, I have the place for you. Tuesday I went to this hidden gem while on a grocery shopping trip. Amidst a sea of sandwich and coffee shops this hole-in-the-wall provides a refreshing break from the every day. The decor can best be described as rustic, kind of like what one might experience in the countryside of Portugal. That’s not the best part, Wild Orchard’s food is truly something to try. I ordered the Perry-perry chicken. and I must tell you that even with the slightly steep price tag it was well worth it, the chicken had a char broiled flavor that put me in mind of all those times my parents described and made it on the BBQ. So if your looking for a place with delicious food, charming atmosphere, and a break from the usual eats, Wild Orchard won’t disappoint.

Rama Tropical Foods

Have you ever been to Africa, or eaten at a restaurant, or at a friends house? I haven’t been to Africa, but I have been to an Ethiopian place to eat lunch, and had Nigerian food at a friend’s house. This time I decided, largely inspired by International Day at church, to try something different and cool. Rama Tropical foods is a small grocery store in midtown Hamilton specializing mainly in all things Nigerian and Ghanaian. Great customer service and ideas for great recipes are just part of its charm. You walk around the small rectangular store, and feel like you are in an actual market in a West African city. I even tried a non-alcoholic beer called Malt. This was quite refreshing, it tasted kind of like iced-tea.


If you get the chance, try something similar, and you might just find something you like. I recommend Rama to my Hamilton readers, and if your ever in the area stop by Wild Orchard. Wild Orchard is closed Mondays.

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