Another Food Adventure

Gill has been busy today, it appears. She’s back to suggest a restaurant.

In the last few years I have written about my adventures in food. What makes them unique is I’ve traveled the world with out ever leaving my city. From Ethiopian to Thai, I’ve tried many different things.

Culantro Perruvian Cookery

Let me set the seen for you, it’s lunchtime, and you are in the mood for something, and pizza, burgers, and fried chicken just won’t cut it. You go off the beaten track just slightly, to a tiny place on a side street.

The Atmosphere

Once you step inside this hidden jem you will feel like a Perruvian family has invited you for a traditional meal. Foot tapping music plays in the background as you look through the menu. When one thinks Latin fair most people think corn flour tortillas, and refryed beans. Toss those myths out with yesterday’s garbage!

What did I have?

I had an empanada plate. For those unfamiliar empanadas are meat, or vegetables, and spices in a pastry. I, being mainly vegetarian had the vegetable ones, they had corn, onions, and all kinds of other goodness. The portions were just right with out making me feel heavy.


I would definitely go back, and would also encourage my Hamilton readers to at least look it up. It’s closed on Mondays.

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