Pet Peeves

And now, here’s Gill with a word or three on ignorant dingisses.

Do you have a pet peeve? Maybe your someone who hates having to stand in line, or having to sit beside a screaming child on the airplane. My pet peeve, or at least one of them, is ignorant people who make decent folk look bad.

What Brought This On?

Last night I went in search of people the Warriors For Love could call out. In case your wondering WFL, Warriors For Love is a thing I started to curve, or at least try to curve the hate in the world.

What Did I See?

In the supposedly advanced year of 2017 a woman was screaming at the top of her lungs at a walk in clinic in Missisauga to see a “white doctor!` because her son was having chest pains. A brave individual caught the hate filled disaster on his phone, and uploaded this woman’s foolishness to youtube. The video soon went viral, and made news all over the world.

My Own Walk In Experience

For those readers out there who don’t know me, or don’t know me overly well, I am diabetic, and prone to chest colds and breathing issues. I took a nasty fall on November 30th 2012, literally ripping a chunk of skin out of one of my fingers. Being the all kinds of stubborn I am, I thought pretty much nothing of it until about three days later, when someone with full sight told me it looked rather infected. I knew, that could lead to a whole string of nasty if not looked at and soon, so the next day I hauled stubborn rump to my neighborhood urgent care.

A Frightening Reality

The doctor who saw me that evening looked at it, and grew concerned as there were tiny black spots popping up. He did what any good doctor would do, took the time to test my sugar, explain that it was good that I came at all, and gave me a script. There were two medicines, one was a cream to apply directly to the wound, and most frightening of all were pills, anti-gangrene ones.


The doctor, who happened to be Egyptian, saved my finger and probably my life. A doc is a doc, black, brown, or white, as long as they’re qualified that’s what counts.

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