Commenting By Email Is Back, Hopefully Better Than Ever

If you’ve been coming here a while, perhaps you remember Echo. It was a really slick commenting system we used for a time back in our Blogger days until the folks that ran it decided to screw a bunch of us the hell over.

One of Echo’s best features was the ability to let you not only subscribe to comment notifications by email, but also reply to those emails to post comments in response without having to go back to the site over and over again. Since the incident, that’s always been a thing we’ve wanted to bring back, and today, I think we have.

We’re testing something called Replyable, and it would be cool if you’d help us out. So if you get a second, leave a comment on something, be sure to subscribe and then use the reply dealy in the messages you get to leave more comments and help us make sure this all works. If it does, maybe we can bring our poor comments section back to a happier time when it was a thing people actually wanted to use. Or maybe that’s a lofty goal and that time has passed. Either way, we’d still like to know if it works at all so we know whether to keep it around for those times when somebody shows up and is all like “oh hey, a comments section. Let’s roast these people.”

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