And A Huge Interception By The Local Constabulary

The Grey Cup is fantastic. It’s a big, fun, important Canadian event that many of us will stop what we’re doing to watch. But that’s not always the best idea. Sometimes you really should finish off whatever you’re up to before you settle in to enjoy the game. Like let’s say you’re in the midst […]

Service Dog Etiquette Explained In A Simple Analogy

Here comes another quick post. I saw this link going around Facebook, and after I finished laughing at it, I meant to post it here, but I didn’t. Someone who has a service dog for an invisible disability wrote this post trying to make it clear what would be acceptable and unacceptable behaviour towards service […]

My Dog Shouldn’t Be The Only One Watching For Traffic!

I know this happened a month ago, but it is always relevant. An acquaintance of mine wrote a post about the consequences of careless drivers to service animals, and I wish I could make this mandatory reading material for people who drive vehicles. People never take into account that just because they didn’t actually hit […]

“Stop! Police!” They Said In Unison

At this time, let us pause and show our appreciation for the police of Detroit, Michigan. A more dedicated, diligent and well organized group of men and women you shall never find. They will, without hesitation, go to any lengths necessary to remove criminals and the horrible, life-ruining wares they peddle from the streets of […]