Family Trip

Gill just got back from a trip to Florida and wants to talk about it, so I’ll let her do that now. I’ve been to Florida twice myself, once for a family vacation to Disney and once to go to the Space Camp for a week as part of the coolest grade 7 field trip ever. On neither of these occasions did I hold a live alligator like she did, but I do remember one of my buddies dropping his glasses into a pond full of them, so there’s that.

Here are in no particular order some highlights of my recent trip to Florida.

Wheelchair Friendly Fitting Room

At one of the many department stores, Beals, I was dumb struck by the wheelchair friendly fitting room. There was a bar for people to balance on, and the room itself was large enough to accommodate not only a wheelchair user, but a friend or attendant. Two thumbs up Beals department store!

Holding the Gator

I wouldn’t say I’m daring, but on the first Saturday of my trip, we went to this farmers market. Aside from the usual farm fresh vegetables and fruits there was also delicious kettle corn, and plantane chips. That was only part of its cool factor. In one of the quieter areas of the market some gator farmers had a live gator. It had tape over its mouth, to avoid anyone becoming an episode of “when Animals Attack.` It was kind of a dark brown color with button like dots along the topside, and the underside is often used for boots. The photo my sister posted showed me holding a very chill gator in my hands.

Golf Cart Paths

Where my parents stayed there was a lane set aside for golf carts, the main form of short distance travel. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for the locals, I having 3% vision was not allowed to drive.


I had a great time down there, so thank you Florida, and all the good people reading this from down there.

Gillie out

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