“Stop! Police!” They Said In Unison

At this time, let us pause and show our appreciation for the police of Detroit, Michigan. A more dedicated, diligent and well organized group of men and women you shall never find. They will, without hesitation, go to any lengths necessary to remove criminals and the horrible, life-ruining wares they peddle from the streets of their fair city. Indeed, they will stop at nothing to ensure that their job is done and done well, even if it means damn near killing each other.

Police from the department’s 11th precinct had planned to conduct the raid of house in their region on Nov. 8 that was suspected of being used to sell drugs.
Unaware of an undercover operation carried out in the home by 12th precinct cops, the armed officers conducting the raid moved in.
The uniformed officers confronted a pair of men a few doors down from the home at the centre of the raid. Those men, who were actually undercover police from the 12th precinct, were forced to the ground and a shotgun was pointed at them.

That’s when police acted on their search warrant and raided the home, confronting several officers inside the home.
The video captured several officer pushing and shoving. “Don’t put your hand on your guns,” one officer can be heard saying on the video.
“At one point during this situation, one officer grabbed another,” Chief Craig said, adding that’s when punches began to fly.

Unlike in 1986 A.K.A. the last time this happened, nobody was killed. the worst to come out of this incident was one officer with a black eye, another with some damage to his mouth, a reassigned supervisor and a seriously wounded reputation.

“This is probably one of the most embarrassing things I’ve seen in this department,” Chief James Craig said during a news conference. “In fact, it’s probably one of the most disappointing things I’ve experienced in my entire 40-year career.”

Is it me, or do those probablies make you wonder what else he’s seen that may not have come out yet?

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