Where Have All The Good People Gone

And now, Gill is here to remind us that in spite of the general state of things, the world is not, in fact, filled with nothing but shitheels.

A song from almost fifteen years ago asks this very question, and I know many of you have asked the same question yourselves especially with recent events. Don’t lose faith in humanity they do still exist.

The Opened Door

Last June 23rd in a freak accident I broke my ankle and was rendered a wheelchair user for a time. I discovered just how hard it was to be in one, and became frustrated. There was however one individual who stepped to the plate, a hero so to speak. Mr. Patel, runner of a variety store where I often purchased bus tickets saw my predicament and not only opened the door long enough to accommodate my wheelchair, but set the debit machine closer to me to make it easier for me to reach.


While there are many people willing to do bad out there, there are also the Mr. Patels who do that slight something extra to make the world that much easier.

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