Techniques For Love Spreading

I think 2017 is starting to get to Gill a little. She’s right though, we could all do with more kindness.

Remember six days ago when I talked about Mr. Patel and how he helped me out? No big deal right? Actually what he was doing, with out knowing it was spreading love. That was the first of several techniques people use, or should use to make this world better.

From My Childhood

When I was maybe four or five a thought occurred, what if people sat down with chocolate chip cookies and milk and used their words rather than weapons? Wouldn’t that be nice? I even had the perfect place for it called Idea House.

The Rules At Idea House

  • 1 you had to sit and talk nicely.
  • 2 There would be a never ending supply of cookies and milk.
  • 3 Weapons weren’t allowed.
  • 4 You had to shake hands with whomever you hated before leaving the house.
  • 5 You had to make a vow of doing only kind things to others also before leaving.

Believe It Or Not

I still visit that spot in my head from time to time, and although over 30 years has gone by I still believe that there is hope.

Ms. Gillie wishing you peace and love

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