A Couple of Weird Songs To Haunt Your Nightmares

Somebody posted this list of the 30 weirdest songs of all time to the Dr. Demento Facebook group. Some of the songs on there seemed kind of lame, but there were definitely a few gems on there that I’d never heard of before, and were way out there.

One of them sounded so freaky that I decided to go see if I could find it, and boy did I find a lot of versions. It was called “The Twa Sisters.” Here’s just one version of it. It’s not the best quality I’ve ever heard, but it’s not the worst.

What kind of messed up shit is that. It’s not bad enough that one sister drowned the other because they both liked the same guy, but then some other dude just happened upon the drowned sister and made a musical instrument out of her body! Eeewww! And this wasn’t even the worst part of the song. It was like it was totally normal to pull bodies out of the river and make harps and guitars and whatever you wanted out of them, and show them off to a whole bunch of people. The song had to get extra creepy when the freaky musical instrument started to sing the story of her death. *shiver*. Yup, that’s definitely a weird song, and apparently everybody loved covering it and putting their own spin on it, but I’ve never heard of it before.

In describing the song to Steve, another song drifted into my head and won’t leave, and if the “Twa Sisters” song belongs on there, then this gem needs a place too.

What crazy evil is that? Dude meets girl, dude just straight up asks “how can I get to your bed?” Girl says “you can’t come in the door, but you should sneak into my bedroom via this creel thing at the chimney.” dude says “Ok.” Mom says “Hey dad, there’s a dude in our daughter’s room!” dad goes to look. Girl hides dude under the covers and says “hey dad, can’t you see I’m praying here?” Dad goes back to mom and says “You’re crazy, there’s no dude down there.” Mom isn’t convinced so gets up to see, but somehow kicks the toilet and falls into the thing that helped dude get in. She asks for help, but her husband says “Nope, can’t be bothered, you and your daughter are too much trouble.” She falls down to her daughter’s room, where the dude kills her. And the moral? Mind your own business, old lady! Really?

I’ll admit that making a list of the 30 weirdest songs of *all time* feels like a pretty difficult task, and I wouldn’t want to have it, but I’m sure there are way weirder songs than “MmmBop” or “Summer Girls”. Broaden your musical horizons a little!

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