Police Were Immediately Dispatched To His Location, Because It Was Their Location

In October of 2016, Bank of America discovered a theft. Surprisingly, given that there are so many of them, it wasn’t one of their own. But the bank did suspect that somebody who used to be one of their own was behind it, and so the hunt for former employee Alberto Saavedra Lopez began. For […]

Thank Goodness For Modern Medicine!

Not sure if Gill’s been reading history books lately or what, but she’s back again to talk about old things, this time medical ones. I, meanwhile, am reminded of this old video from the Onion. From blood letting to surgery sans anesthesia I’m going to inform and probably disturb you with some facts. Sit back, […]

There Was A Prof Named Edward Heddican, Teaching Cheques He Will Not Get Again,, Acted Up And They Suspended Him, Career of Edward Heddican Is At An End

Just in case you don’t get the reference. I know this happened the week before last. I wanted to write about it last weekend but I ran out of time. The story goes that University of Guelph professor Edward Hedican was filling in for another prof, and got irritated with a student. Obviously I didn’t […]