Three Cheers, Three Offenses, What’s The Difference?

Sometimes, it pays to demonstrate your knowledge in a certain subject. Maybe you don’t have to take courses again if you can show you understand the subject matter. When the subject matter is taking field sobriety tests, though, it might be smarter to keep that knowledge a secret.

Andrea Rego, for reasons unknown, decided to pick up her niece from cheerleading practice while obviously drunk. The kid’s mom was already on her way, but that didn’t stop Rego from scooping up the niece and driving off.

After police were called by the people who run cheerleading practice, Rego did her best impression of a kid going “nana nana boo boo, you can’t catch me!” at them, stopping long enough for police to get out of their car and then taking off again.

Since police don’t take kindly to games, they boxed her in and arrested her, also discovering that she had an open bottle of vodka in the car with her. At the station, they asked her to do the stand on one leg test. Instead of doing that, she did the 9 step and turn test, which they didn’t ask her to do. Oops. This made them look into her record a little further, piling on some fresh new charges since this was her third offense, not her second.

At the end of it all, they sent her back to prison since she was already serving another sentence for something else. It must have been one of those serving on weekends deals since there were no charges referencing breaking out of prison.

I wonder if she’ll try to say she was attempting to reenact some part of her niece’s cheerleading routine.

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