They Banned That From Schools? Part Two

You know what’s sad? That there are enough school administrators banning ridiculous things in the name of safety and poor little feelings that Gill felt the need to send along a part two to something she wrote up earlier in the week.

Depending on when you went to school or where you attended you might just have been able to do certain types of things. E.G. When I was in kindergarten my class went on a trip to one of the nearby farms, and not only did we get to play in the hay loft but we got to go on a hay ride. That, however was in 1985.

  • 1 Red pens – Some British schools refuse to mark up pupil’s papers with red, because it is threatening. Now they use neutral colors like black or blue.
  • 2 Anything superhero related – This can be lunchboxes, action figures, or in some cases T-shirts. The reasoning is that supposedly it promotes violence.
  • 3 Hoodies and Uggs – The reason for this is apparently kids are sneaking in cell phones in the pockets of the hoodies and the Ugg boots.
  • 4 Valedictorians – A North Carolina school district banned this time honored tradition, because it put undue pressure on students and created an unfairly competitive environment.


What are you surprised hasn’t been banned from school?

Gillie suggesting people should turn those frowns upside down, or I’ll grab my red pen.

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