Before He Tweets

After I posted the Radiohead parody, a friend messaged to let me know that I might want to go back to the Randy Rainbow well again. Sooooo…

“President Trump is facing bipartisan outrage over a pair of tweets in which he insulted TV host Mika Brzezinski…”
“President Trump sending out a bizarre video, and raising the question is his social media habbit hijacking his agenda?”
“I think that the president is pushing back against people who attack him day after day after day…”

right now, he’s sitting on his solid gold toilet all alone and he’s feeling kinda queefy
right now, he’s staring at his stubby little fingers on his phone wondering how to spell “covfefe”.
Right now, he’s probably just ranting and raving like a lune on his way to Mar-a-Lago
and he don’t know

That he’s dug himself into a hole
and he’s actinglike a basic cybertroll
antagonizing almost everyone he meets.
His vocabulary and that mouth of his
make the Kardashians look like geniuses.
Maybe next time he’ll think before he tweets

“Is the shocking image of the president physically attacking someone just comedy, or could it incite violence against the media?”

right now, he’s typing up a tweet that he’s gonna send to Hill or to Mika Brzezinski.
Right now, he’s working on some obsolete crack about bill and Monica Lewinsky.
Kellyanne, I must ask you. On behalf of the countless women around the world who don’t have a voice and who are silenced every day, what is your response to the growing concern from all sides that the president’s misogynistic behaviour is damaging not only to the republican party but to the entire country?
“Well it’s just not fair…”
oh shut up.

Right now, he’s probably out with Mich and his girl Paul Ryan just devouring his dinner.
Right now, he’s probably out bitchin’ while his face keeps growin’ and his skin is gettin’ thinner.
Right now, he probably should maybe be focused on other stuff like health care.
but he don’t care.

cause he’s focused on his own PR
and his petty little fights with movie stars.
Cable news and where Megyn Kelly bleeds.
His unfortunate mental health decline
is more visible than his panty line. (eeewww!)
Maybe next time he’ll think before he tweets.

Hey USA, we just elected us a meangirl
and the next time that he tweets, it better not be at me.
On second thought,
I could use the publicity.

“You guys are constantly coming and asking is this ok?”

Cause he’s incoherent, always pissed, an indignant, lying, sexist misogynist.
Spiteful, vengeful, cruel and indiscreet,
And though he’s vollitile, eratic and slightly dumb, he’s got the whole world under his tiny thumb.
Maybe next time he’ll think before he tweets.

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