They Banned That From Schools? Part Three

Because way too many adults are determined to be fun vacuums, Gill has returned with a third list of things frowned upon by the educational institutions that are supposed to be in charge of churning out functional human beings that are capable of coping in the world.

Here we are again, yes I’ve found more stuff that the fun ruiners frown upon.

  • 1 Halloween – A Pennsylvania school district banned Halloween due to the fact that some religious groups objected.
  • 2 Homemade lunches – In Chicago schools can decide for themselves what will or won’t be banned. One such school banned homemade lunches. Those poor kids! Give me a turkey sandwich on ancient grain bread by my mom any day.
  • 3 Cartwheeling and other flips- For this we head down under. What if you want to show off your mad gymnastics skills?
  • 4 Bake Sales – New York city not only banned big gulps but bake sales. I understand there’s an obesity thing going on, but how else will they raise funds to go to Orlando on the school band trip?


What do you think will be banned next?

Gillie going off to do some flips and bake and sell some five chocolate cake

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