Stuff I Love, Part 1

Gill, who has been cranking out lists like crazy lately, has made another one to help you get to know her better.

I have talked a lot lately about things people frown upon, and you might be asking Ms. Gillie, what makes you happy? What do you love? Well from curries to cheater snacks I’m going to tell you some of my personal favorite foods.

  • 1 Soup – this is a tough one to be honest with you out there reading this. I would say my favorites are tomato, broccoli, leak, and chicken rice {homemade} but when it comes to more unique ones I like Spanish garlic soup, squash soup, apple curry soup, and pumpkin.
  • 2 General snacks – I would have to say that I love these deep fried snap peas, the plain ones are ok but the best by far are the wasabi ranch. Other things I like are rice chips, sour cream and onion, and kettle corn.
  • 3 Comfort foods – Again with the tough ones. My mom makes this stuff called taco pie, it has beef, tomato, cheese, spices, in Bisquick.
  • 4 Burgers – The best by far is when my dad throws some Kobes on the BBQ. The best non-homemade was at this Memphis style BBQ place near where I grew up, it was a portabello mushroom cap burger smoked and coated in BBQ sauce.
  • 5 Going International – If there’s some kind of South or Southeast Asian grocer you can bet I’ll be there. I love a good pad Thai, and Indian curry.
  • 6 Stuff I love making – I love traveling the world with out the expensive plane tickets and passport requirements. Right now I have made a Mexican inspired quinoa dish with peppers, zucchini, onion, and tomatoes. On any given week you might see me whip up a Bolivian rice and corn dish or a Pakistani curry.
  • 7 Desserts – I am normally not really a dessert person, but if someone even mentions icecream of the chocolate, Carmel, or mint variety, I’m there.
  • 8 Cheater snacks – I have type 2 diabetes and must be careful with what I eat, but sometimes I just have to indulge. My favorite indulgences are chocolate anything, cookies, and licorice.


What are your go-to foods for anytime, whether your chillin at home, or out?

Gillie telling you not to be afraid of adventure

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