Thank Goodness For Modern Medicine, Part 4

Gill returns once again with another look at why life expectancy used to be a whole lot shorter.

You may or may not have asked for it, but from moldy bread for infected wounds to a junk shocker belt here are some more treatments to make you thankful for the 21st century.

  • 1 Moldy bread – Straight out of ancient Egypt this rather progressive treatment was used especially for infected cuts and scrapes. They unknowingly had something there.
  • 2 Snail slime – Got a sore throat or ear infection? Don’t fret, just go to the garden, rob some snails of their slime and consume it.
  • 3 Chloroform – If you’ve ever watched a show where someone throws a rag over someone’s face and drags their unconscious form away they just might have been given chloroform. Now picture this, it’s 1850, and you need surgery, your doctor could give you ether, but chooses instead to give you this just as dangerous solution.
  • 4 the Impotence belt – in the middle of the 19th century when electricity was just becoming a thing doctors were trying to harness its benefits. Apparently one of the benefits was a cure to a man not being able to perform. He would wear this belt and a shot of voltage would go through his member to get shall we say things going.
  • 5 Shock Therapy – In the 1930’s a doctor came up with the idea that a person, such as myself, would benefit from being electrocuted. Although still used today, side effects are common. Thankfully my bipolar disorder is treated with a pill and not potential brain damage.


What home remedies do you remember from your childhood, or that you have created yourself?

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