I’ve Got Some Food For Thought

Gill likes the Olympics. For all their faults, so do I.

As for her question about which sport I’d want to be involved in were I good enough at sports to not get laughed out of the country, I think my answer would be one of the sliding ones. They look terrifying, but they’re great to watch.

Have you been watching the Olympics? I have, it’s been fun to watch the thrills and moments that have one holding their breath.

Daring to Dream

It is 1984 and I am wearing my Osh-Cosh jumpers and little white socks. I am watching Gaeton Boucher speed around the oval in a distant place called Sarajevo. I am mimicking his heart stopping movements while my mom and dad cook dinner. Eight years later when Karen Lee-Gardener wins the gold I give myself that little push out there on the slopes, and my team comes seventh.


If you could represent your country doing some sport at the winter or summer games what would that be?

Gillie saying congratulations to our bobsledders

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