Why America Needs Gun Control, Part…Oh Forget It

Honest to god, I don’t even know what to say right now, so I’m just gonna leave this here. Gun target practice in apartment leads to arrest in Cape Coral
Bullets went through wall into adjacent apartment

According to Cape Coral Police, neighbors reported being woken up by a loud bang and found a large hole in their headboard, right over their heads.
Further investigation also found bullet holes into the opposite wall and in the far wall of the adjacent living room.
Police contacted the next door neighbor, Bakh, in the apartment building located in the 3400 block of Skyline Boulevard.  Officers located the room opposite the neighbor’s bedroom, which contained a large thick book against the wall with a red circle drawn on it.  The book appeared to be used as a target, and had been penetrated by three rounds.
A 9mm casing was located in the hallway between the bathroom and the bedroom of Bakh’s residence.

61-Year-old imbe-fucking-cile Ivan Bakh has been charged with Shooting Into a Dwelling and Reckless Discharge of Firearm in Public/Private Place, which sound a lot like the same thing to me. But whatever. Throw the book at him. Then try to shoot through it.

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