Stuff I Love, Part 2

Gill is here to tell you more random things about herself.

I wrote about food last time, and now I’m going to write about other things I love.

  • 1 Attending church – I love singing and praising God!
  • 2 Nerding – For those not in the know, nerding is anything trivia, Game Of Thrones, or Star Wars just to name a few of the plethora of nerdy things.
  • 3 Purple yams – or should I say purple yums? I love getting these Asian sweet potatoes in Chinatown.
  • 4 Blues music – Especially 1920’s stuff from Bessy Smith or Fats Waller.
  • 5 Asking my mom weird questions – She has done this thing where she says, “I don’t know Gert.` then she kisses my cheek.
  • 6 Creating my own language – basically word mash-ups and weird sayings like “don’t hand me four screwdrivers and call it $5.`
  • 7 1980’s TV shows- I love sitting down to watch some of my faves from childhood, Family Ties, Inspector Gadget etc.


Do you have a guilty pleasure, a favorite TV show, a favorite food, or favorite book?

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