My DNA Adventure

I personally have no interest in these DNA test kits. They strike me as gimmicks designed to part fools from their money, plus I don’t particularly relish the thought of willingly dropping everything I am into the mail and sending it off to a corporation so they can do lord knows what with it. But that’s just me. Many people obviously disagree. Gill, for one.

Over the last several years I have seen many advertisements about Ancestry DNA, and how you can find out your full ethnicity. My sister took the test last summer, and I, not to be outdone got the test for Christmas. On December 27th 2017 I spat to the black line in the little tube, and sent it away.

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Now for those of you out there, let’s play a little game. I’m going to have you participate in the “look test` I’m going to make you guys out there who have never seen me, guess my background by my looks. My hair sits somewhere in the hinterland between blonde and brown, more brown because it’s winter here, my eyes are, from what I’ve been told a light blue green color, and my skin has just a touch of olive to it.

I’m Going to keep you guessing

I know I know, your going to be angry with me, but your going to have to wait a few minutes longer. Here are some other clues about the countries I could possibly be from.

  • 1 In the winter games we dominate in the downhill skiing events, and we’re also known for a beer festival.
  • 2 Our ancient Queen rolled herself into a carpet, and killed her way to the throne.
  • 3 Our language is considered one of the romance languages, and our men and women have been considered some of the sexiest.
  • 4 Controlled by the Ottomans for many years, and enduring a genocide in 1915 it’s the strength and determination of our people to gain independence.

The Big Reveal

Well, if you guessed German, Egyptian, Spanish, and Armenian you my friends are awesome, but if you didn’t, I still love you.


Are you curious to find out if what you’ve been told is the truth?

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