Teaching Impact

Gill returns to talk about the impact a teacher can have, both positive and negative.

For many years my mom worked as an educator, and I am actually named for one of the 2nd graders she had all the way back in 1968. From life saving notes and cards to a popular song as a class motto, I’ll be talking educators today.

  • 1 Have a good day – A Kansas City Spanish teacher would greet his students in Spanish each day, but change the inflection and intonation in his voice. Two 12th graders recorded this bright spot, and the video went viral.
  • 2 Spraying racist – A Welsh teacher at a primary school with a large South Asian population would comment on the odor of the Asian students before spraying them with air freshener.
  • 3 The difference – A colorado Springs teacher was saddened to hear that a student had attempted suicide, and decided to write her a letter of encouragement. She later spent two months writing little notes and cards of encouragement to her own students.
  • 4 Don’t Worry Be Happy

    It is 1988 and I am starting to develop insecurities about myself, I have difficulty reading, and generally feel pretty stupid. It is also the same time period that Don’t Worry Be Happy is riding high on the charts. My teacher that year Karen White decides to not only make that our class motto, but make me feel less of a nothing.


Did you ever have a teacher who impacted you somehow?

Gillie saying if your out there Mrs. White, you inspired me!

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