Freak Accidents

Here’s Gill to talk about times she’s gotten injured.

Her bit about the couch reminds me of the time many years ago when I came home from DJing a party to find that while Carin’s family was visiting, they decided our furniture needed some rearranging. I discovered this when I strolled in the door, arms full of boxes filled to the brim with CDs and slammed nuts first into a couch corner that wasn’t there when I left.

Oh, and I also once broke my arm so badly slipping up and sliding back down three stairs that I had to have surgery on it. Thankfully the doctors made the determination that surgery would be required right around the time I should have been getting the cast taken off. And yes, when I say thankfully what I really mean is whatever the opposite of thankfully is, because who wouldn’t want to spend until almost April with an arm in a cast after breaking it in December, amiright?

Take it, Gill!

I am not accident prone, but there have been times where I have hurt myself in strange ways. From breaking my ankle off a sidewalk to injuring my back on a wall here are three examples of freak occurrences.

  • 1 The couch isn’t there – In February of 2011, my former roommate came by to take her sofa to her sister’s house. I went bowling an hour or so later, but completely forgot that the couch wasn’t there any more. I went to sit down, and hurt my back on the wall.
  • 2 Pass the digits – On November 30th 2012, I was out running errands when I, walking at my usual brisk pace fell and injured one of the fingers on my right hand. Now as I have mentioned in a previous blog I am diabetic, so for the next several days I had someone with good eyes check the way the scrape looked. On Tuesday December 4th 2012 I went to a local urgent care clinic when I was told there were little black spots on the wound. The doctor looked at it, checked my sugar, said that not only was it infected, but I had torn a big chunk of skin out, and put me on some anti-gangrene pills.
  • 3 Sidewalk versus Ankle – On June 23rd 2016 I went for a walk to clear my head after dinner. Just as I was coming down the sidewalk I tripped, fell, and immediately felt pain. I tried to stand up, but there was obviously some kind of issue going on. I ended up going to hospital, getting it x-rayed and seeing a doctor. It’s never a good sign when your doc says “oh holy God!` goes away to check over the x-rays, comes back, and tells you it’s broken.


Have you ever had a freak accident?

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