I Dare You!

Why yes, Gill has sent in about 12 billion posts lately. Why do you ask? Here she is to kind of sick me out, if I’m being honest. To me, anything with the word feet in it is not meant for human consumption unless starvation and desperation have set in. I think I feel the way about feet (at least in a food context) the way some people feel about moist.

When you were a kid or even a teenager you might have been dared to try or do something. Now that your grown you probably look back and think to yourself that mooning the entire baseball team or wearing your sister’s ballet tutu was probably not the smartest thing you’ve ever done.

Project Fun

If you look at it, project fun could be a series of dares, trying new foods, stepping outside your comfort zone, and sharing your experiences.

Chicken Feet

In the city where I live there’s this Asian market where you can buy anything from Chinese Broccoli to red bean paste. They even have hot foods. Today I felt a touch daring and tried a Chinese delicacy chicken feet. They were mostly fat, bone, and a bit of meat. There were some spices to kick the flavor in to gear. I honestly would try them again.


What’s the most interesting food you’ve ever had?

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